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Euro 2016 longform content

Ahead of Euro 2016, we approached 4 internationally renowned journalists (with a combined social media following of over 2 million) to write 2,000 words for news.bwin in their native language on a European Championship subject close to their heart.


We took these essays and created a visually stunning longform template for them to sit within, preparing custom visual graphics for each piece.


Our contributors; Patrick Barclay (Formerly lead football writer at The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph), Raphael Honigstein (German football correspondent, The Guardian), Guillem Balague (AS and Sky Sports La Liga Coverage) and Gabriele Marcotti (The Times and ESPN).


The pieces were all widely shared by the journalists themselves across all of their social channels, ensuring social media reach and exposure figures in the tens of millions for bwin.


Patrick Barclay -,91972.html


Raphael Honigstein -


Guillem Balague -,34548.html


Gabriele Marcotti -,80071.html



Euro 2016 Longform content
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