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News.bwin is bwin's first ever mobile/tablet-first fully branded social integrated sports betting content hub.  The site delivered 50,000+ unique users in week of launch in January, with mobile traffic up 50% on previous bwin blog, with 2015 seeing over 2 million sessions in the UK alone, converting thousands of readers into bwin customers along the way. 


We are currently rolling out the news.bwin platform across all European territories, with German, Spanish and Italian versions of the site delivered ahead of schedule and under-budget, with plans to deliver French and Belgian versions of the site in 2016.


I head up the cross-European editorial team, which now comprises of over 20 full and part-time journalists, researchers and designers.


Our innovative approach to heavily researched statistic-led and beautifully designed graphics has seen the site gain coverage and links from every single broadsheet and tabloid newspaper in the UK, as well as links from the BBC and Yahoo, as well as thousands of social shares.  


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